HVAC Questions?

We Have Answers to Your Heating and Cooling Questions

How often do I change my filter?
We recommend that you change your filter(s) each month. Proper air flow is vital for your system to work properly and efficiently.

What is a SEER rating?
SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, and is the amount of energy needed for to provide a certain cooling output. The higher the SEER rating the lower the cost is to operate the cooling system.


What’s the difference between your free estimate and a service charge?
We offer free estimates on replacing a system, duct work replacement, and evaporator and condenser coils. We charge a service charge to come to your home and determine the causes of any problems that a customer is experiencing. Upon, inspection the technician will inform the customer of how much it will be to repair or replace any parts for their system.

How do I know that my heating and cooling system is running efficiently?
To determine if a heating and cooling system is working properly and efficiently we must inspect several components and use a variety of tools that are not available for the general public. Parker Heating & Cooling can determine your system’s efficiency during a semi- annual or annual preventive maintenance appointment.

What is preventive maintenance?
Preventive Maintenance is a “tune up” for your heating and cooling system. Over time, dirt and dust build up on components that will slow down your system’s performance and efficiency. Parts can also experience wear and we are able to identify and resolve small issues before they become major problems. Contact our office for pricing and scheduling options.

How often should I have preventive maintenance?
We suggest that all units have preventive maintenance, especially if they are 5 years or older, We recommend heat pump systems have preventive maintenance completed on a yearly basis and that gas systems have preventive maintenance completed on a semi- annual basis.

What is the difference between a split system and a package unit?
A split system “splits” your system into two areas. Your condenser (the heart of the system) is located on the outside of the home, attic or the crawl space of your home. The air handler portion is usually located in a closet inside the home. A package unit contains all of the heating and cooling components and is located outside your home.

What is a variable speed blower motor?
A variable speed blower motor is tough and uses less energy. It also can operate constantly, allowing better air flow throughout your home, providing additional comfort in every room.

How long will it take to replace my heating and cooling system?
Once the customer receives and accepts our estimate, we can begin the installation process within 24 to 48 hours. Our technicians on average have the existing system removed and the new system up and running within 8 hours of beginning the job.